Advantages of Real Estate Signs


If you are a real estate agent, one of your tasks at hand is the advertising of properties for sale. There was a time, when a lot of advertising was done in newspaper classified ads. However, that way of advertising has become passé. There aren’t very many people who read the newspapers anymore. A newer way of advertising is the posting of home listings on the internet on the real estate agency’s website. A third way of advertising is the use of real estate signs.

Use of Signs

Signs are relatively inexpensive. In its basic form, a sign has the real estate agency’s logo, the agent’s name and telephone number, and a wooden frame. The sign hangs from the frame. The sign and frame are conspicuously placed in front of properties that are to be advertised. If a sale is pending, a small sign with the word “pending” can be placed on top of the frame.

Prospective buyers know that the house might not be on the market very long or that it might become available again. After a house has been sold, a small sign with the word “sold” can be placed on top of the frame. At this point, the sign does little more than to serve as a billboard with real estate agency’s logo, because the home is no longer on the market. Shortly after the sale, the sign is taken down, and it can be reused again.

Advantages of Signs

Signs are a great way of letting passersby know what properties are available for sale, rent, or lease. Ideally, some of these passersby are potential buyers. A good sign is made to be reflective. It will reflect a car’s headlights, and people who drive by it at night will know that it is available. A small tube can be mounted on the frame. Fliers with information on the house can be rolled up and put inside the tube. Anyone who takes the time to stop and to look might also decide to take a flier. Of course, if your name and phone number are on the sign or flier, a potential buyer has your contact information.

A Good Sign

A good sign is clearly and colorfully printed. The agency’s logo is accurately reproduced. It is also durable. It will be outdoors for extended periods of time. Therefore, it will be exposed to weather, and it will probably gradually fade with exposure to sunlight. Real estate signs are a good means of advertising.

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